ADA: Tickets regarding ADA accommodations and services

Donation Request: When organizations write in asking for donations to their auctions and fundraisers. Assign to Ann.

Gift Card: inquiries about gift cards

Kudos: Positive guest feedback about their experience at the theater, be that the production, the customer service, or another aspect

Lost & Found: Belongings lost and/or found in the theater

Memberships: Customer inquiry regarding availability of Subscriptions and/or Memberships

Offers and AdsUnwanted promotional offers from third party mailing lists. Be sure to unsubscribe from unwanted offer lists after tagging the e-mail. Merged with 'Mailing Lists' tag.

PAH not received: Any time we identify a customer who ordered print at home tickets who says they've not received them.

Pending Credit Card Auth Hold: When an authorization hold is placed on someone's card in Spektrix

Price Concerns after Purchase: Customer inquiry expressing concern for the price they paid, versus the price available through a recent promotion

Privacy: Customer expresses concern over how their personal information will be used by Curran

Refund Request: Requests for money back 

Subscriptions: same as "Membership" tag. (May end up merging the two tags). 

Ushering: Inquiries for ushering opportunities

When are tickets mailed: Inquiries about when physical Curran tickets will be mailed

Website Issue: When a customer is experiencing trouble with the website, but the issue is either isolated, or does not appear to be part of a larger trend

Goldstar: e-mails from Goldstar. (They also get assigned to Griffen). These will also each get tags relating to the dates the e-mails refer to, including so far: 

        Jan.27 Day File

        Jan.28 Day File

        Feb.3 Day File

*Recurring Technical Issues*: When multiple customers reach out because they are experiencing the same technical issue, create a new tag that includes the date and a brief description of the problem. Ones we have so far include: 

        Oct.6 ticket path issue


        Redundant Thank You Email Issue